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"With all the adversity that everybody in New Orleans has gone through, I'm thankful to the city of Lafayette for opening their arms up to this bowl and hosting this game. Because if those things don't happen, there are two teams that are at home today."
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"He's our starter because he's earned it. But like a lot of positions, there's competition there, and that's a good situation."
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"Their quarterback really had a good game. He really hurt us running the football."
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"You know how I am, nothing is ever good enough, ... but we did make some improvement."
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"There were more players in the state this year, more Division I talent and more qualifiers. Yes, we did emphasize it a little more."
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"Getting a player of (Mason's) quality in addition to acquiring a first-round pick . . . has tremendous value, ... We feel this gives us a player we want and a player to add for our future."
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"There was that big arm and his competitiveness. He's a tough kid. He's going to be a player."
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"This, we're away from home, not able to sleep in your own bed, that sort of thing, ... It's totally different."
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"We found a big ol' washeteria near here, so we'll be making a run to wash clothes (Sunday), ... Some of the kids, they left town with only one set of clothes, so they asked if they could go to Wal-Mart shopping. We'll be doing some of that."
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"J.R. is a valuable member of this team and someone that we have hopes for. Our hope is that he continues to develop, continues to improve and is approaching this final stretch of the season with the objectives of making a difference and with the objectives of being a part of this team and helping it get better."
Author: Bower Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"They're still learning but they've shown some things. They've got to start sometime. We needed some depth and we really felt (Morgan and Bradshaw) had the ability to play there and I think they've proven that. If you don't do it now, you can't do it in the fall. They need this spring for learning."
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"It's important that we keep moving forward and making progress with all our facilities. We have to keep making progress there."
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"The passing game had been good up until (Saturday). (Young) wasn't very sharp, but we just weren't very sharp at all on offense."
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"We hope we can play this game. I hope that the weather won't be as bad as people are saying it could be. We're going to hunker down and be safe for a while."
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"Getting a player of his quality in addition to acquiring an unprotected first-round pick that we'll be able to use immediately in this upcoming draft is a package that we feel really has tremendous value,"
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"I haven't made any decisions."
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"You can't have a conversation if you don't listen. It wasn't a monologue."
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"We all care about each other. We all hate to see teammates go through tough times with their families, ... We've gotten closer. They're excited to play a game. I think it was a relief to get back on the field."
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"The thing you try to do is create an atmosphere and a culture that will allow people to be successful, ... ... We've got great people in this organization who are really talented. I think the important thing in our position, in the front office, is to allow them to do their jobs and to be there to support them and help them."
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"I'm appreciative to the university for their support of me and the football program. I continue to enjoy my stay here, and look forward to leading this football program for years to come. We have an exciting schedule, our recruiting has been very positive and we are excited about the upcoming season."
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