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14 June Daugherty quotes:

"Until we get through those tests and doctors have had time to sit down and confer with Kayla and with her family, I don't think we're going to have any answers. Until we can get those evaluations, I don't think we have any opportunity to discuss anything else."
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"We didn't think the game was out of hand at all. We put pressure on the basketball, denying lanes. The front line was trying to do a great job defensively and it all worked."
"They're improved-no doubt about that. It seems like they're experienced kids now. Their experience is showing. Cal really stepped up and we didn't have the answers in the end."
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"It's unbelievable really and is a testament to each of them on how they've handled the adversity that has just come down the pike. It certainly made them all stronger and wiser. But at that same time you're like, 'Why? Why do those kids have to go through all of that?' They handle things so well and sports teaches lifelong lessons and they certainly have grown as people."
"We kind of took on the underdog role all year. And these kids got better and fought hard."
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"A little piece here and a deflection there and we were off and running. It just seemed like the crowd got into it and the whole momentum just shifted. But it was our defensive effort, no doubt."
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"This town has such a passion about women's basketball. Hats off to our fans. I think I may have seen a couple leaving early, but we'll forgive them."
"Going on the road in the Pac-10 is always a challenge. And Arizona State is playing great basketball. They're really going to make us have to play great defense and execute our offense. But it's another great chance for us to get better and build on what we've accomplished."
"It's a great testimony to how good our high school and summer programs are. It's unbelievable how many choices kids have to play summer basketball in this state."
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"It just seemed like we weren't fighting hard, we were getting frustrated at how well Oregon was doing and not converting it into our energy. We made some adjustments defensively and we just kept saying if we go out there and fight hard and leave it on the court we'll be happy."
"I think everybody in basketball knows that about 70 percent of the rebounds go opposite of from where you shoot it. So we just figure if you get more players on the opposite side, we've got a chance mathematically to grab a lot more boards."
"We're going to have to defend them. All of their players are capable of big numbers. Our defense is going to be tested."
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"It was a great win. I thought the team came out with tremendous energy today."
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"I think we're in. I think we've done enough. I would hope five or six [Pac-10 teams] are in."
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