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"AOL recognized that they needed to shift from selling content, which wasn't practical, to relying on advertising. They're heading in the right direction."
"Much of (Target and Wal-Mart's) revenue growth depends on the economy and other factors, just like for Amazon. At what point should it be closer to a retail stock than an Internet stock, and I'd say right now. The catalyst to get it there will be if the revenue continues to decelerate."
"...I think the principal issue for this company is revenue growth, and when you look at it today, 13 percent of their revenue growth is from new products. But the problem is it's only 13 percent of their revenue. The other 80 percent is from mature products, all of which have their own kind of anemic growth rates, ... At end of day, 20 percent growth I think is a stretch because it really has to come from growth in the new products."
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"It's not that things are perfect, and you could argue that things are still early in the history of the Internet, ... but the business models that are built on it are more real and concrete."
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"The stocks are not cheap, so any hiccup could hurt,"
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"It's really volume driven. There are more and more search queries so growth should continue on the ad front,"
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"Things unraveled more quickly in the past year than they thought internally, so they need to get someone from the outside to improve investor perception, preferably someone from the data networking industry."
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"George was definitely trying to dissuade the audience from the scare he put into investors earlier this week."
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"There's a lot of investor money chasing the obvious, well-known names."
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"There's much more downside risk in the stock between now and Thanksgiving, and unless Q4 is blowout, at least until Valentine's Day [when the full allotment of shares is eligible for sale],"
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"Demand for optical technology is insatiable. As long as demand continues then think this deal would do well. I don't see demand to let up."
"The evidence and the numbers seem to support that, no, it was not. It was a good, solid quarter."
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"The law of large numbers was already baked into most estimates out there, including mine. You have to wonder, is he signaling anything beyond that? Is the first quarter going to be softer than people are expecting, and are they trying to manage those expectations?"
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