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"leaves the company highly exposed to ad revenue at a time when the online advertising environment is deteriorating."
"With 40 percent of revenue coming from advertising, Viacom is already highly exposed to advertising in general,"
"With 40 percent of revenue coming from advertising, Viacom is already highly exposed to advertising in general."
"It's a classic dotcom example. Jupiter's data allowed a lot of companies to go public, but it grew too quickly and cut back too late."
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"[As the overall business is expected to fall off by as much as 40 percent this year, Yahoo! expects business service revenue to rise as much as 46 percent. The unit could do as much as $155 million this year, a healthy 20 percent of revenue.] Business-to-business is a huge opportunity for them, ... Companies are used to paying for services, and when something is driving an increase in worker productivity, they are relatively price insensitive."
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"The whole key is what kind of guidance they offer in the future."
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"I was just ecstatic. We've set a lot of goals throughout the years and this is one we've never attained in my 14 years of coaching,"
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"Everything has to go your way. There has to be sometimes a little bit of luck, and sometimes the draw. There's a lot of factors, but we hope that we're in position to make a run and be in the top few."
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"The real key driver here is the weakening ad space across all fronts in 2001."
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"The goal of Microsoft is to prevent AOL from dominating the broadband space,"
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"The bubble's not popped. The market is self-adjusting now. The prices are reducing."
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"has made little progress in doing so."
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"Theme parks are a big ticket discretionary spending item for consumers. And people are cutting back on discretionary spending items."
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