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14 Markos Kyprianou quotes:

"Advertising for tobacco products increases consumption. Advertising and sponsoring glorify smoking. They create a mood in which cigarette consumption is seen as normal and acceptable."
"The U.K. has made great strides in tackling this disease and has met all of the criteria that were set for the lifting of the beef export ban."
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"I can think of no other disease that would remain so low profile if such a high percentage of the population were struck by it. Mental health has been swept under the carpet for too long"
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"There should be no exceptions for sport events, like for example formula one racing."
Author: Kyprianou Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It's true that scientists caution us and warn us that there will be a pandemic, ... If there is one, then worldwide there will be a large number of deaths."
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"Products from infected animals will not enter the food chain. Systems are in place."
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"We have to be realistic, it's a problem that will stay for some time in the future."
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"Therefore appropriate measures are already in force"
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"This regulation will play an important part in the implementation of the food hygiene regulations, as the criteria can be used as a yardstick to test whether the good hygiene practices and HACCP principles are being properly applied."
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"There is a need for better and more widespread information about health issues in Europe. This partnership will help keep citizens and, in particular, patients and health professionals informed on public health issues with a European dimension."
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"We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure that the most appropriate risk-reducing measures are in place."
Author: Kyprianou Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"I am determined to bring this case before the European Court of Justice as soon as possible and will recommend this step to the Commission."
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"The commission must ensure that EU law is upheld. I am sure that all governments realize that glamorizing smoking through fancy advertising can have devastating effects."
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"I am very glad to have the opportunity to visit Nigeria and discuss first hand the avian influenza situation there."

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