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"The Internet allows a marketer to be much more focused [than in TV advertising], even when advertising is done on-line at health sites and key words, because people have already been singled out as looking for information about a health issue. Traditional DTC is interruption advertising, and in today's world with so many messages that consumers are being assaulted by, it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. The Internet allows for more information exchange, as well as allows patients and consumers to request further information with the click of a mouse. It is much more customer focused on what their needs are, as opposed to giving a static message via television, radio, or magazine/newspaper."
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"They do events in a great way and we have no doubt that they will be ready to receive us in 2008 as their tourism industry swings back into action."
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"The Adidas brand is recognized for excellence in sports heritage and performance on a global basis. NBA and Adidas branded apparel and footwear will be available to even more fans around the world continuing our effort to expand the league's accessibility to anywhere fans can dribble a ball or watch a basketball game."
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"Hip-hop is a style. Some of my owners are hip-hop, but they dress in a different fashion. Hip-hop doesn't mean sloppy."
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"epitomized hard work, dedication and perseverance, and more importantly compassion, kindness and selflessness."
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"We are pleased to have these renowned franchises represent the NBA in the most ambitious international competition in league history."
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"What he said was he had a conversation with a referee. I found that unacceptable and (also) his declining to identify him. ... He accepted the fine and acknowledged the statement that he got a call from an NBA referee was, shall I say in error, inaccurate. That makes it over."
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"We are saddened by the news of Jason Collier's sudden passing, ... He epitomized hard work, dedication and perseverance, and more importantly compassion, kindness and selflessness."
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"Russ discussed with me his desire to step down as deputy commissioner,"
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"Russ discussed with me his desire to step down as deputy commissioner once our collective bargaining negotiations were concluded, but I persuaded him to stay on for an additional season. He will be functioning as usual for the next eight months, but we agreed that it was appropriate to let the Board of Governors know his plans as far in advance as possible."
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"Those are decisions best left to elected officials, but there are choices that have to be made."
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"I don't trust lawyers,"
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"Our minor league has a proven track record of developing talent both on and off the court, with more than 100 players, coaches, referees, athletic trainers and front-office personnel moving to NBA teams or the league office, and we look for that trend to continue."
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"Maybe he's learning how much it means to him."
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"In the good old days, Chamberlain and Russell played in anonymity compared to Bird, Magic, Michael and Isiah. And even those guys played in less of a spotlight that our players today are playing in thanks to this saturated media environment."
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"To see the impact that sports can have and should have is really the pinnacle for me of what sports is all about."
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"The Arkansas ownership and management team combines an established and successful local businessman in Larry Crain with an experienced and knowledgeable basketball mind in Otis Birdsong."
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"This a delicate subject. I would say that I see it as a potential for relocation more than for expansion. ... I think that 30 teams is enough right now."
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