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Julie Ask Quotes

5 Julie Ask quotes:

"Will the animated avatars come out on the market? Yes. Will people buy them? Yes. They're fun and entertaining. But there's a limit to what consumers will spend -- they're already buying games, ring tones, videos, and music. The average cell-phone bill is already around $50. And consumers have shown [a willingness] to spend an extra 5% to 10% a month for data services. But they're not going to spend an unlimited amount for more and more services."
Author: Ask Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"If you're looking for wide-open new territory, teens and kids are attractive."
Author: Ask Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Parents get mobile phones for their teens because they want to communicate in case of an emergency, and wireless carriers have made it easy to add users to their existing plans. Wireless carriers have been very successful in getting parents to expand their plans to include their teens, but between free phones and shared minutes, it's not the most lucrative proposition for carriers."
Author: Ask Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"This is going to be an exciting space for the next couple years."
Author: Ask Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"The potential for local search and local advertising comes into play."
Author: Ask Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes

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