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27 Eliot Spitzer quotes:

"These applications are deceptive and unfair to consumers, bad for businesses that rely on efficient networks to do their jobs and bad for online retailers that need consumers to trust and enjoy their online experience."
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The purpose of this investigation is to thoroughly examine pricing practices in the industry and get to the bottom of what appear to be some illegal pricing practices,"
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"This was a travesty, a violation of the public trust and it is something that Freddy Ferrer would not have permitted. That is money that could go into schools, into housing."
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Warner Music has illegally provided radio stations with financial benefits to obtain airplay and boost the chart position of its songs, ... abandon the industry-wide practice of providing radio stations and their employees with financial incentives and promotional items in exchange for airplay."
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"Risk is inherent in the market, ... We all understand that and we thrive on that; what we don't tolerate is fraud."
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"I always said that there's a real risk to having 50 different enforcement entities,"
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Federated worked with regulators to address problems with improper trading,"
Author: Spitzer Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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