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"I think consumers do respond to these types of reports. Manufacturers can't use Consumer Reports data in their advertising, so it's up to consumers to research this and find out the information for themselves. Unfortunately for the domestic companies, a large percentage of people actually do that research when it comes to buying a car."
"Ironically, GM has lost just about exactly what Toyota has gained. In North America, it's very much a situation right now where Toyota is moving forward while GM is really managing its decline and trying to figure out how to manage such a big company with such a big market share decline."
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"North America continues to grow in importance for Toyota on a global basis. Putting something like a production support center in the U.S. only makes sense as they continue to add plants."
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"These events draw 200,000 people and they are incredibly loyal."
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"There's certainly going to be more crossovers shown, more hybrids, and small cars. The new Toyota Camry hybrid is coming out and that's going to be huge."
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"This is our version of the fashion runway so anything goes."
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"It's a very safe design. It's appropriate for that segment. You don't want to go out on a limb."
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"I think it's indicative of the market. Consumer Reports has a very high standard for consumer research — the gold standard really — and for the list of top picks to not have any domestic cars on it really says something."
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"Maybe fleet is the new incentive, because it's used to prop up sales."
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"That's always suspicious. They're probably clearing out inventory - I'm thinking through fleet sales or incentives."
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"The biggest misconception, really, is that you're going to get full coverage, and you are going to get full service at the dealer that sold you the warranty."
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