Otto Bismarck Quotes

11 Otto Bismarck quotes:

"Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression"
"There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America."
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"The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood."
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"A statesman... must wait until he hears the steps of God sounding through events, then leap up and grasp the hem of His garment."
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"The main thing is to make history, not to write it."
"When a man says he approves of something in principle, it means he hasn't the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice."
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"When you want to fool the world, tell the truth."
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"By the 1990s, advertising with celebrities had really taken off,"
"A really great man is known by three signs: generosity in the design, humanity in the execution, moderation in success"
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"With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half."
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"Better pointed bullets than pointed speeches"

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