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Gary Stein Quotes

6 Gary Stein quotes:

"[However, some warn that advertisers should be careful not to overestimate their relationship to consumers. Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, a New York interactive agency, cautioned,] When you look at the reach, you're limited to the number of people who have this on their desktops. ... It's a big commitment for consumers."
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"There's going to be a small number of people who can do it professionally. These are people who have something unique to say and a big audience. There are definitely going to be superstars. But there are no get-rich schemes."
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"These sites will be totally attractive to advertisers for one reason: numbers. Their audience is big and growing and their demographic are young males bored with cable and broadcast TV and who are spending more time on the Internet."
"There is phenomenal momentum behind search engine advertising. The number of advertisers using search to market products continues to grow, as does the overall efficiency of the market-- search engines are getting even better at making money off search engine results pages."
"There is phenomenal momentum behind search engine advertising,"
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"It's going to be jarring experience the day they turn the ads on. I question whether they should have included ads from the beginning. Now, you're shifting the proposition after the audience has gotten used to an ad-free site."
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