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"A growing and increasingly influential movement of philosophers, ethicists, law professors and activists are convinced that the great moral struggle of our time will be for the rights of animals."
"I mean, we're really making a quantum change in our relationship to the plant world with genetic modification."
"My writing is remarkably non-confessional; you actually learn very little about me."
"I don't think it's a journalist's job to issue shopping lists or policy descriptions. We're supposed to show people how the world is, to give them the tools they need to make good decisions as citizens or consumers. Depending on what your values are the environment, your health, animal welfare the answers are going to be different for every person."
"In corn, I think I've found the key to the American food chain. If you look at a fast-food meal, a McDonald's meal, virtually all the carbon in it - and what we eat is mostly carbon - comes from corn."
"In general, science journalism concerns itself with what has been published in a handful of peer-reviewed journals - Nature, Cell, The New England Journal of Medicine - which set the agenda."
"Perhaps more than any other, the food industry is very sensitive to consumer demand."
"The Times has much less power than you think. I believe we attribute power to the media generally that it simply doesn't have. It's very convenient to blame the media, the same way we blame television for everything that's going wrong in society."
"High-quality food is better for your health."
"Every major food company now has an organic division. There's more capital going into organic agriculture than ever before."
"The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway."
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"A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule."
"Without the potato, the balance of European power might never have tilted north."
"Anyway, in my writing I've always been interested in finding places to stand, and I've found it very useful to have a direct experience of what I'm writing about."
"The big journals and Nobel laureates are the equivalent of Congressional leaders in science journalism."
"The Congressional leaders set the agenda for journalism; it's not the other way around."
"When Wal-Mart and McDonald's start selling organic food, it will drive down the price to farmers and risk growing a new monoculture."
"At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind."
"Corn is a greedy crop, as farmers will tell you."
"Corn is an efficient way to get energy calories off the land and soybeans are an efficient way of getting protein off the land, so we've designed a food system that produces a lot of cheap corn and soybeans resulting in a lot of cheap fast food."

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