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Jerry Gray Quotes

8 Jerry Gray quotes:

"I learned a lot last year, and I'm still learning. Mike has given me a lot of responsibility. (General manager) Tom Donahoe let me go on the road to scout before the draft. He asked my opinions about players we needed. I really appreciate their faith in me."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I like playing strength to strength,"
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"The big thing about open-field tackling is you've got to have a belief that you can get it done, and they've got it. Those guys understand that the coaches are going to give them the right techniques and tools to get their job done. Then they can let their talent take care of the rest."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"My advice to other parents is to talk to their kids. Talk to their teachers and see what they're saying and what they're doing in schools."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"And if you've got the guy with the demeanor and the talent, I think it's the move to make. The tough thing is finding that guy with the demeanor and the talent. Just one without the other isn't going to get it done."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"[While Sherman Independent School District does have a program in place to deal with students that have dyslexia, Jeremy's parents, decided to send him to the Shelton School in Richardson for his freshman year.] We wanted to get him some help while he was still a freshman, ... It would have been harder to do when he was a junior or a senior."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Because if you trust that guy and he has the capabilities and puts in the work, he's going to trust you more and more. I always feel like the more suggestions I take from the players, the more film they'll watch. If they know it's an open-door policy, they'll use it."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"A guy with that kind of consistency, you put him with a winning team and he'd be talked about with the best D-ends in the league. I don't think Aaron knows how good he could be if he starts out (stronger) early."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes

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