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Peace Pilgrim Quotes

37 Peace Pilgrim quotes:

"People see themselves as the center of the universe and judge everything as it relates to them."
"Before the tongue can speak, it must have lost the power to wound."
"Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions."
"Make food a very incidental part of your life by filling your life so full of meaningful things that you'll hardly have time to think about food."
"Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential."
"You're in a much better position to talk with people when they approach you than when you approach them."
"My appointed work is to awaken the divine nature that is within."
"Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts at lofty heights."
"This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love."
"The valid research for the future is on the inner side, on the spiritual side."
"Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. If you have them, you have to take care of them! There is great freedom in simplicity of living. It is those who have enough but not too much who are the happiest."
"The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things."
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"Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you."
"I don't eat junk foods and I don't think junk thoughts."
"The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one's life."
"To attain inner peace you must actually give your life, not just your possessions. When you at last give your life - bringing into alignment your beliefs and the way you live then, and only then, can you begin to find inner peace."
"Worry is a useless mulling over of things we cannot change."
"There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?"
"For light I go directly to the Source of light, not to any of the reflections."
"Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return."

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