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"Our advice -- carry only essential credit and ATM cards. If you do not plan to use them during your trip, leave them at home."
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"The infrastructure of today's computing environment is for good or ill structured around the Windows operating system. Can you get around that? Yes you can, but you have to work harder to do that and most individuals and most corporations are not going to make that extra effort."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"A lot of riders think of something like a football helmet, but over the past four or five years, they've become very lightweight, ventilated and comfortable. The important thing is a good fit — you have to try models from different manufacturers."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"there is more to it than just information. After receiving the information you must know what to do with it."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"been a different level (of criminal investigation) than Clarion has seen in the past."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"We use a key formula: Threat x Vulnerability = Risk,"
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"The lights are better, safer, and start at around $20. They use less battery power. Normally you get 8 to 10 hours of battery life on a standard light. You can get 150 hours with the LED."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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