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7 Mark Tauscher quotes:

"Whatever advice he got when he was going to quit that turned him around turned out to be pretty good advice. He obviously made a pretty good decision to keep playing. He's done a great job up to this point."
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"It gives us some hope,"
Author: Tauscher Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We've had some success against Tampa Bay running the ball the last two times we played them. We know their scheme, we know what they do. It comes down to us up front, we have to improve on what we're doing."
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"He's got the right to speak his mind. He's got the right to say what he's got to say. We're coming off a 4-12 season and from a personnel standpoint there hasn't been a big change. Obviously it's caused some concern on his part what we have done. But no one has felt he was taking it out on them."
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"Stupidity and mistakes aside, I think we had a great shot at winning. We're stuck in a really tough spot. You need a win, you want a win and we just didn't do it."
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"It was like a circus because we kept shooting ourselves in the foot. But at least our wounds were self-inflicted and we can clean those things up."
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"I think you have to take care of your own job, really worry about yourself and really examine how you're playing individually. You have to be a leader; you have to do things the right way."
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