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Khaled Mashaal Quotes

12 Khaled Mashaal quotes:

"Resistance is a legitimate right that we will practice and protect. Our presence in the legislature will strengthen the resistance. If people raised the issue of targeting civilians, we said and we say that when our enemy stops targeting civilians we will abide by that."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We expect an exchange of opinions to take place and hope that nobody will put forward any conditions."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Russia's intention to arrange open relations with the Arab-Islamic world. Russia, which occupies a territory spanning Europe and Asia, is best poised to sponsor a dialogue between civilizations and to ensure a balance of forces in the world."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"We want to have peace in the region, but peace will not be achieved before the removal of the occupation."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Our trip to Moscow opens new prospects for peace in the Middle East. Our people want simple things: to be free and to have sovereignty. All this is impossible without an end to the occupation."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"There can be no peace if the occupation continues."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Interaction with the international community is a high priority issue for us, and we see our visit to Moscow, the capital of a great world power, as the beginning of contacts."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"You can be sure that our feeling is peace and hope, good for all people in the world, but not any side that occupies our land or makes aggression on our people. No peace without our legitimate rights. No stability with occupation. No peace with occupation. This is our right."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We are going to ask the Arab summit to support us and extend a hand to us."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"We are satisfied with the meeting with the mufti. We were able to exchange constructive opinions. The conversation was positive on all sides."
"We see Turkey as a very successful example of democracy in the Islamic world. It is a very good example for us."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We will respect any agreement as long as it is in the interest of our people."
Author: Mashaal Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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