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4 Elliot Mincberg quotes:

"The Senate is supposed to give advice and consent, and not be a shut-up, rubber-stamp body,"
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"It tremendously raises the stakes. Now he'll be in a position (as chief justice) to influence the direction of the court for the next 30 years."
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"Is there a right to privacy under the Constitution? If so, what does it cover?' These are the broad questions senators must ask, ... You cannot ask a question that encompasses all possible disputes, but you can get a pretty good view of a nominee's philosophy. The American people have made clear they want to know what the nominees think of the basic principle of Roe v. Wade, and they've made it clear they expect nominees to answer questions."
"You never want a situation where someone has a veto power, ... But having parents at the front end, serving on an advisory committee ... can be extremely useful and actually insulate districts against attacks on books because parents have been involved."
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