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"Thirty-four percent of people said the Internet played a crucial role, they got advice and support from other people. Thirty percent said they got information online to compare options."
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"The fact that you had this U.S. domestic crisis and people turning to international news sources is interesting."
Author: Horrigan Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"The broadband difference is now permeating the news environment. High-powered Internet users are heavily into other media sources as well, but the pre-eminent place of online news suggests that it shapes their off-line information choices in an important way."
"In every meeting, all of our conversations have come down to football. That's the No. 1 issue."
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"People do benefit from information they get online, whether it's health care or information on government services or just social connections from e-mail. We've found that broadband connections tend to magnify those impacts."
"In this case, all six of them came forward. There was no investigation. They are all good kids who have represented us well. They made a mistake and they came forward and accepted the penalty."
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