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Jim Davis Quotes

19 Jim Davis quotes:

"We're bruised. We've lost a lot of pride here. When was the last time you could say you were proud to live in Florida, or proud of your governor?"
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"Shareholders are putting pressure on all publicly held companies that this is an important area of corporate responsibility. One way that Chevron responds is by pointing out we've invested and have businesses like Chevron Energy Solutions working with our own company to reduce our carbon emissions but also with other businesses and important public institutions."
"There are so many opportunities in life, that the loss of two or three capabilities is not necessarily debilitating. A handicap can give you the opportunity to focus more on art, writing, or music."
"This has been our vision for five years. It's just awesome seeing it come to fruition."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: American Cartoonist Quotes Cats Quotes
"They aimed initially to increase the per capita income to above the state average, to maintain a manufacturing wage above the state average and to reduce the poverty level."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"These are really great places to live for low income seniors, primarily widows and widowers. We have had a few couples move in over the years, but it?s primarily been singles. We provide a safe, comfortable and very affordable living environment. In fact, a lot of times when a resident?s health starts to decline, we have a hard time getting them to move out."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"It's a precious resource. We're grateful to Granite School District (for) giving us the opportunity to preserve it."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"I would never and have never compared any of our democratically elected leaders to Fidel Castro. But let me be clear. There is a climate of intimidation in Tallahassee. That's not good for democracy. That's not good for Florida's families. And that's no way to run state government."
"George Bates is our police chief, and if George was asking (for a curfew), I'd be the first one to make a motion. But until he comes to us and says we have a problem, I think we should leave it to his discretion,"
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"I like power, I like fast things,"
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"I now look forward to a one-on-one race with Congressman Davis."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"This is a way to promote green technology and environmentally sound practices. This shows that Chevron has a number of different businesses besides our (oil) base."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"Avoid fruits and nuts. You are what you eat."
"Good morning is a contradiction of terms."
"There was also a lot of passionate support for the three (honor roll) inductees and our special achievement recipient this year. These are all people who contributed in a lot of ways, not just in the coaching aspect."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."
"Our hunger for electricity is no less than our hunger for gasoline or oil."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Electricity Quotes
"The city of Burleson has taken a big step in the right direction. We fully expect these projects will help the city more effectively manage water conservation efforts and realize substantial operational efficiencies from the new wireless communications and automatic meter reading technologies."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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