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Kate Winslet Quotes

17 Kate Winslet quotes:

"I have no regrets. (I)f you regret things, (then) you're sort of stepping backwards. I'm a believer in going forwards."
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"Part of Breast Cancer Care's work is to make sure everyone in the UK is breast aware throughout their adult lives,"
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"Loving someone is setting them free, letting them go."
"Since I was 13 or 14 I've always felt older than I actually am."
"Mum and dad were very much friends, and up to life. There was no anxiety for anything when I was growing up, they just taught me to be me."
"It's funny when someone says to you 'you're hot' and all that, because I don't think of it in that way."
"I wouldn't dream of working on something that didn't make my gut rumble and my heart want to explode."
"There are moments to indulge and enjoy, but I always know when it's time to go home and wash my knickers."
"It doesn't make any sense... that's why I trust it!"
"It doesn't make any sense...that's why I trust it!"
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"I finally moved out of my parent's house. It was only fair to let my sister have her own room."
"I'd much rather be known as some curvy Kate than as some skinny stick."
"I like exposing myself. There's not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I'm the kind of actress who absolutely believes in exposing herself."
"I'd rather do theater and British films than move to LA in hopes of getting small roles in American films."
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"Life is short, and it is here to be lived."
"There's more to life than cheek bones."
"Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who want that, if it makes them feel better about who they are. But, it makes these people, actors especially, fantasy figures for a fantasy world. Acting is about being real being honest."

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