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Kiki Vandeweghe Quotes

7 Kiki Vandeweghe quotes:

"He got a great (recent) MRI report. My suggestion is to see how it goes. That would be my advice. Not to rush back. But not to make any quick decisions and see how it goes. Because you can never tell what happens in a month."
Author: Vandeweghe Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"I don't know where it turns out. Some of the decisions are harder than others. With any team, there's going to be changes."
"Everybody is very happy. No doubt Buck could have signed for more elsewhere, but what a statement he made (by returning)."
Author: Vandeweghe Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"He's got a lot of skill in spotting talent, and he's got a lot of experience."
"The first reaction is you hope he's OK, and he is, and that's great news. I have talked to him. He's doing well. Obviously, he's a little shaken up. But he's doing fine."
Author: Vandeweghe Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We have great security here. They responded very, very quickly. They are, in my view, some of the best in the business."
"It's my job to worry about that stuff, of course. The common ground is they love basketball, they're both passionate about the game, both want to win. Starting from there, there is hope."

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