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"Financial awareness is now key at an earlier age because young kids are becoming more aware of consumer issues, and marketers are responding to them. Cell phones for 8-year-olds is a perfect example. Companies are trying to capture market share and brand affinity at an earlier age than ever before. That results in young kids making spending decisions earlier, but they're still not learning how to save for the long term."
"Work with any family members who are near you to begin to reconstruct your financial life on paper. It can provide a little sense of order. What you're trying to do on paper is to reconstruct your financial life that is tied to papers, that is tied to computers."
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"A lot of it depends on their age and the family circumstance and what role that person has to play in the family, but it can accelerate issues and concerns regarding estate planning. The cost of medical care is still a consideration, and there's uncertainty with regard to employment."
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