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15 Brian Schweitzer quotes:

"I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenge you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better."
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"This country has no energy plan, no vision for the future, ... We give more tax breaks and money for oil, and what do we get? Three-dollar gas and wars in the Middle East. If you want to control the destiny of this country, it's going to be with synthetic fuels."
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"Why allow bad beef to enter the U.S. from Canada and not allow safe medicine?"
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"I know that Montana is the greatest place in the world to raise a family, to start and grow a business. You know it, and I know it and now we will tell the world."
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"The fire season is probably going to be over in the next 50 days, but those next 50 days are going to be critical,"
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"Our state's most talented should have the opportunity to attend college and be the engines that drive the state's future economic growth."
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: College Quotes
"The generosity of Montanans is inspiring,"
"We work for the families back home, we do not work for the lobbyists that prowl the halls of the capital building, do not forget who we work for."
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"If Washington, D.C., is not going to think big, if they're not going bring us any grand new ideas on energy independence and security, then it falls on the shoulders of the states and the private industry, and that is what we are doing here in these coming days,"
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Ninety percent of them don't ride horses and many of them don't shoot a gun, but my ads said visually that I understand Montana. My gender gap disappeared. I think I have just summed up why Democrats lose elections."
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Horses Quotes
"All we have gotten from state government is excuses, obstruction and inaction,"
"Good ideas are the backbone of good government."
"has been elevated to a much higher level than it has been in the past."
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"He's a bright guy, and he has a good understanding of what we are dealing with here, ... He was unequivocal. He said he has no interest in degrading the water or the air in the Flathead basin."
"We are miles beyond where we've ever been before, ... This is absolutely a premier I can work with."
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