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Ray Allen Quotes

43 Ray Allen quotes:

"You hate to see something like that happen to a good person. Unfortunately, in this situation it's not about being good people in this job. In this line of work, it's about wins. And that's how we'll all be judged."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"We're learning some things about ourselves being steady down the stretch. You know me, I try to just take one game at a time, but I can see progress. Guys are in better shape. We practice harder and things are coming together."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He is going through a phase now where he's learning or he has to learn what it's like to deal with pain. And to be able to play through it and go out and still be good with that pain, because at some point we've all had to face it."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I told Reggie he played a great game. He didn't respond. But I told him, 'Win or lose, man you played well.' Hopefully he feeds off that. He's young and has a lot of basketball left to play."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"Everybody ran. We got buckets in a lot of different ways. We kept running, we kept pushing it."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Records are always made to be broken. I have a long way to go, games to play, threes to hit. The key is getting to playoff basketball."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It's no fun to think about individual success when as a team you don't make the playoffs. I don't really take pride in what I did because the team didn't do well."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"The shots were there for me tonight. It was a fun game to play because it went back and forth."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"A tough woman. That lady has touched more people than I've ever known."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: People Quotes
"People decide if they want to be led, they'll be led. If they decide they don't want to be part of the system, they'll buck it."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: People Quotes
"We know we are a better team than what we have displayed over the last week, ... Every night is an opportunity to prove that, and tonight we got on the same page a little bit more than we have."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It was Chinese music. I couldn't understand it, but it had a good beat to it."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"I don't look at [an age limit] as a bad thing. I think we're helping out younger guys, not hurting them."
"The discipline stuff, I'm going to leave that to the coaches and management,"
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"It was a very weird feeling, I'm not going to lie to you. My emotions were torn a little bit."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Emotions Quotes
"I look at how we got beat and I thought the hustle points and the energy points were all gauged through offensive rebounds. I thought in the second half they got so many second-chance opportunities they could really run. It just seemed like they were going up our guys' backs. When you don't get any offensive rebounds and they start going the other team's way, it's almost like a snowball effect."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"It's something I had to deal with and however I can keep my family safe and allow them to live a comfortable life that's what I try to do,"
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"We started the first half tonight with that same muddy approach. We were lethargic and didn't have much enthusiasm. The attitude was there in the second half."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"I was just off. I'm not going to make any excuses. I just didn't make shots."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes
"It's just dirty basketball. It's plain, outright, dirty basketball. I don't mind the competition, someone going at me on both ends of the floor ... but when guys start throwing elbows and kick you when you're down, that's dirty basketball and I don't respect guys like that."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes

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