Ron Perlman Quotes

5 Ron Perlman quotes:

"The great thing about arriving at this age is that I don't even care about my career anymore."
Author: Perlman Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes Careers Quotes
"I think there are a lot of technocrats in the business who would much rather work with just wheels and gears and machinery. Those things interest them more than humanity and I wish them the best of luck."
Author: Perlman Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"You do what you gotta do. This is not heart surgery. I'm not curing cancer. I'm just trying to put my kids through school."
Author: Perlman Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"I lost 90 pounds and my blood pressure went down to a normal level and the salt in my urine disappeared. And that was when I had to make the transition from fat character actor to thin character actor."
Author: Perlman Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"I don't think anything is ever going to replace the human heart and what that generates in terms of performance."
Author: Perlman Quotes Category: Heart Quotes

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