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9 Jorge Posada quotes:

"I like what he's got. I like everything he's got. He belongs, [even] at such a young age. Everything is there. He's a no-miss. He'll be in the big leagues soon."
"You don't have to fire him up. He's already pumped up to pitch. I think it's the way pitchers are taught in Asia, very respectful, they never show anyone up. And if someone hits a home run, you just take the ball and get after the next guy. That's the way he is."
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"I like the way we're playing, especially with two-out hits. Clutch hits are coming ... Whatever it takes to get a 'W.'"
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"When we score it seems like we're doing everything right, but I thought the pitching and defense today was great. We did a lot of good things behind Chacon."
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"The whole game was a grinder, we did a lot of things well. It doesn't mean anything if we don't go out there and play the way we're supposed to."
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"The whole game was a grinder, we did a lot of things well."
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"You don't want to carry over bad games. The first two games here, we fought and fought and it didn't happen. We needed to put that aside today."
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"This guy's got a big heart; he doesn't shy away. As a player, he's more than you see."
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"We got the first one out of the way, so we'll build on that. I'm happy that we're trying to get on the same page. ... To get that communication going again, that's key for me."
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