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"The program is full of Gershwin. We're going to perform music from Gershwin's songbook - essentially his greatest hits."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"Hattiesburg has grown to support this civic chorus."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"We're building a more diverse chorus with an outstanding reputation. And we're going to continue to look forward and perform outstanding concerts."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"I supported myself, bought a car and paid the bills. At age 14, I was a professional musician."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes
"We're not here to influence voters; we're here to make sure they get to vote for the candidate of their choice."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"It is imperative that patients with glaucoma be well-monitored for changes in their disease. Our results prove what we've thought for a long time ? that the disease gets more expensive as it worsens. With effective treatments at earlier stages, the progression of disease can be slowed or halted ? saving both the patient and society from greater economic burden."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"We are thrilled to be renewing Wildfire . It has done tremendously well for us, drawing in key demos week after week and serving as a great launching pad for Beautiful People . Gen Cortese is fabulous in the lead our audiences just love this show."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes

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