Mike Tyson Quotes

63 Mike Tyson quotes:

"I think I'll take a bath in his blood."
"I think the average person thinks I'm a nut and I deserve whatever happens to me."
"I try to catch them right on the tip of his nose, because I try to punch the bone into the brain."
"I was hoping he would get up so I could hit him again and keep him down."
"I'm a historian, and that freaks me out."
"I'm a nut case, but that is what I believe."
"I'm not Mother Teresa, but I'm not Charles Manson, either."
"I'm not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I'm right."
"I'm the biggest fighter in the history of the sport. If you don't believe it, check the cash register."
"I've lived places these guys can't defecate in."
"It's good to know how to read, but it's dangerous to know how to read and not how to interpret what you're reading."
"Mr. Arthur Ashe, he was good. I read some of his books. He knew about everything, but he was real quiet and didn't talk much. I never met him."
"One day some guy is going to get a billion-dollar fight."
"Our money is bait money, and bait money is not to be used."
"People are going to say what they say. I know sometimes I say things; I offend people."
"Quayle said the worst thing that happened to him was that he never trusted his own judgment. I said from now on I am going to go with my own judgment."
"Sometimes I put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets and beg for quarters."
"That equals to being a fool, having fame and no fortune. A lot of guys out there have fame doing this and doing that, but they are broke."
"The drug dealers, they sympathize with me. They see me as some sort of pathetic character."
"The only thing I do is just pray for inspiration, for a way of thinking, because I don't have any particular goal in sight."

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