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Robert Thompson Quotes

53 Robert Thompson quotes:

"Clinton playing the sax -- that's the gold standard. Number one -- because very few candidates had made such appearances before and -- number two -- because he did it on Arsenio Hall, which was kind of a cool, late night thing at the time. But most importantly, he played the sax. That would even be unusual today."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"The genius of Nickelodeon is that they figured a couple things out, ... They knew that especially among the very young, it was the parent that chose to turn on the TV, so Nickelodeon came up with a program that would appeal to their targets and the parents. They had shows that were cool enough that even the older sibling would watch."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"You could have men landing on Mars and Idol would beat it."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"You're seeing law enforcement falling apart and a modern, industrialized city brought to a complete breakdown, and these stories about the looting and the sniper fire are very much playing into this."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"There are two revolutions taking place. One revolution is taking place in the living room with high definition, bigger and wider screens. The second revolution is portable television."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"If you were to take that away, it wouldn't be March Madness. It turns it into the same kind of fun like playing the lottery."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Madness Quotes
"Pure and simple, these things are promotional tools. They're more fun to consume than 30-second ads, but they're still advertising. If you can get people to go to a show like 'Lost' or 'The Office' every week, why not get them to participate at other times? You exploit the existence of this universe you've created and squeeze out more audience participation."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"These are the things that make the Oscars fun."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I think to some extent the opportunity to go and take the place of an iconic figure of rock and roll, well, what's the psychology of not wanting to do that? You'll see a kid play air guitar in a garage. It's the same thing, ... It's easy for these people to get teased, and some behave in ways that they invite it. But I don't think it's intrinsically sick or strange. What is colonial Williamsburg but people in historical drag?"
"The way new music combined and recombined was an exciting story,"
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"It sounds so cruel but some of these telethons - even though you're doing it completely for charity - are very important gigs for your career,"
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"An Oscar is not a charm that's going to keep bad things from happening to you anymore than it's a curse that's going to guarantee them. I don't think there's anything about getting an Oscar that should make you more vulnerable to having your career tank."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Charming Quotes
"rough contrivance to lift from the social conscience a burden that should not be either lifted or lightened in any way."
"As soon as distilled spirits were discovered and their effect on one's consciousness known, they became an important part of the tradition."
"By the time this happened, the whole Martha Stewart style was beginning to show its age. What is strange is her being elevated beyond her fan base to world-class celebrity, thanks to a trial and conviction, and brought to a place in our culture that is much bigger than before."
"You can redefine the place of Mars in pop culture. It's close enough to interact with."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"How television and the culture are absorbing Katrina is certainly different than how they absorbed Sept. 11. Four years ago, all culture was put on pause. But people have continued to watch comedies and dramas and reality shows throughout, even when things were at their grimmest."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"When Ellen came back with the Emmys (in November 2001), she was coming back to a culture that had been put on total and complete hold, ... a felicitous coincidence."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"When Ellen came back with the Emmys [in November 2001], she was coming back to a culture that had been put on total and complete hold, ... a felicitous coincidence."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"These kinds of characters are so satisfying to male viewers because culture has told them to be powerful and effective and to get things done, and at the same time they're living, operating and working in places that are constantly defying that."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes

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