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12 Larry Scott quotes:

"There are lots of kids getting more serious about their tennis at a much earlier age than elsewhere."
"Part of my surprise is that British culture is much more aligned with American and Australian culture, and this is a cultural and social issue, not a financial issue. Part of my surprise is that Wimbledon is the last one standing."
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"He has given a lot to the sport, so it's a big ego boost to come here and have people want to see him."
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"The addition of a touch of fashion adds that extra element of entertainment to the most important event on the WTA Tour calendar,"
"That's the beauty of the system. The replay device tells you if the ball was in or out."
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"Nothing is more important to us than issues involving the health and safety of our players."
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"What Kim has accomplished over the past year to become No. 1 again is truly remarkable. With the incredible depth in today's game, reaching the top of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour rankings is an incredible feat."
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"It's not about the money, neither for the club nor the players. It's certainly not about Wimbledon needing cash with their declared profit of £25 million. They are clearly trying to make a statement. On the one hand, they say they cherish the players and the champions, and on the other hand, they are telling the world that Venus Williams is less of a champion than Roger Federer."
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"Sony Ericsson is changing the face of women's tennis through the convergence of our sport with technology and music, ... These concerts are just one of the ways our partnership with Sony Ericsson will be bringing new and younger audiences to our game and heightening the overall fan experience for everyone who attends our tournaments around the world."
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"We felt that we had to pursue every means possible to utilize technology to make sure that calls were accurate without losing the human element of officials on court."
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"In the 21st century, it is morally indefensible that women competitors in a Grand Slam tournament should be receiving considerably less prize money than their male counterparts."
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"There have been quite a few notable matches over the past couple of years where the line calls were questionable and in fact proved to be wrong. So much is on the line. The opportunity to know the right call is impossible to resist."
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