Mayor Barse Quotes

6 Mayor Barse quotes:

"We must stop the bleeding at the border. It's just a scary thought that in a post-9/11 age, we still have this type of problem. It doesn't make any sense."
"This will help us plot the plan for the future of our generating facility. It is a critical need for our area."
Author: Barse Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"An investigation can't hurt. Anything that enhances our city's safety capabilities is a good idea."
Author: Barse Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"We are always seeking new and better information."
Author: Barse Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We're happy we can put them up."
Author: Barse Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"You can never have enough preparedness. This is a great opportunity to have someone come in and give us some training and enlightenment on certain safety issues."
Author: Barse Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes

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