Rick Bender Quotes

5 Rick Bender quotes:

"They're pretty gullible at that age."
"I don't consider myself anti-tobacco, I consider myself pro-education. Young people are pretty smart, but you got to give them good information so they can make choices."
Author: Bender Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"Somebody somewhere is looking up to us as an example, and if we don't care about what we're doing to ourselves we should care about the path we're leading them down."
Author: Bender Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"The day you start is the day you put your body at risk."
Author: Bender Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"You want to talk about the worst week of your life? I was only 26 years old, and I was waiting to see if I had cancer."
Author: Bender Quotes Category: Life Quotes

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