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"They don't brush and they have too much sugar. At that age (4, 5 and 6) diet is probably more important than brushing,"
"He wants an update on how the children are."
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"They would love to get their children back. They miss them tremendously and they love their children. What happened was an unfortunate situation and one that got worse over time, but they never intended to harm their children. They realize now that their actions were not in the children's best interest, regardless of what they thought at the time."
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"I've worked with John as a player and recently as a coach and we complement each other well."
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"It's a great recognition to be asked to come back and do something like this. I hope to give it a little greener flavor than it might have without me, right?"
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"We've got the worst teeth in the nation and we're paying a fortune for it. We spend far more than other states on Government dental services."
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"Moody's affiliation with NCRA is an additional step in extending our credit rating, research and analysis services in Europe."
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"It was not a power issue but one of positioning. Steve just needed to get in the right positions to showcase what he has to offer. Believe me, he is an asset to any team."
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