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"I think the age of disappointment is coming much earlier, where an adult figure -- a parent, a teacher or something -- truly disappoints you for the first time, at a much earlier age. I think when I was young, it happened in my late teens. I think today it's happening when you're 8 or 9 or 10 years old. And I think it's everlasting."
"Typically in horror films the character just services the plot, and you really are just going from 'point a' to 'point b,' just so that you can end up at 'point c.' They are just sort of stick characters. That's just not interesting to me."
"And that's what I liked about it, because they are, in the beginning, your little beautiful stock figures, who then make a decision to preserve their futures, but the decision they make isn't completely right, and it destroys their futures."
"I just try to write what I want to see. I tried to do that with 'Scream' and with 'Summer.' I just try to tell a compelling story."
"I tried to fit a little humour into it when I thought it was appropriate, but it just gets uglier and uglier as July 4th approaches."
"It's a morality film, and it poses the question "What would you do?" I took it very seriously, just as the director did in terms of atmosphere and lighting, and I was just trying to help that vision along."
"It's about a young girl who will stop at nothing to be the valedictorian of her class. It's very dark and very wicked, but it's got a great part for a kid, and a great part for an older woman."
"The setting of the situation is really cool, and it's very interesting. Jamie is dying to do this; she loved the idea. Can't you just imagine?"
"There's going to be a trailer in the theater like this coming summer, and it is just going to be a black screen, and all you will hear is that music."
"What I loved about 'Summer' was that they were these four bright kids with a wonderful future. In a way, she was the one with the brains, and then you have the beauty queen and the jock and the introvert."
"One thing led to another, ... I went to bed that night so spooked I was having nightmares and I woke up at like three or four in the morning, and I started writing the opening scene to 'Scream.'"
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"Scream' became a huge hit, and then everyone started calling, I started getting a lot of work, a lot of offers, ... Dawson Creek."
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