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Ken Williams Quotes

22 Ken Williams quotes:

"I would encourage people to do what their heart tells them,"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"What do I think about giving? ... The answer is give. We need to do something. We need to respond to our neighbors."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"By that time, we will have raised all the money we need for Hurricane Katrina victims."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"With his knowledge of pitchers in this league, he could be an asset to his teammates just by being around,"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"I didn't want him thinking that because we weren't going to talk contract that it was indicative of our feelings toward him. So here we are, and it obviously makes it a little more difficult to get something done. But if there's a desire on both parts, then I'm more optimistic than not."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"It seemed like they were competing against each other, trying to one-up each other. You hope to get one [complete game] and give your bullpen a rest, but this is ridiculous."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We certainly like the feel of the champagne dripping off our clothes. We all are competitors. I said years ago that we not only wanted to win one, but we wanted to have sustained success. We wanted to build a brand. We took a major step forward with winning the World Series, but to cement ourselves in the Chicago market and the national market, we have to keep pushing."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"You look around at our team, ... and it's tough to find a guy who hasn't been doubted or criticized in some way. They all have that as a common denominator, and it becomes part of your personality as a team."
"In an age where you don't see guys sacrificing every last dollar to stay in a situation where they are comfortable, we have a few guys who have done that. Part of the reason we are able to look at a World Series trophy is because of that attitude."
"I don't know what I can say that wouldn't get me in trouble. He's a Cincinnati Red."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"Whatever the lineup is, I support it."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"The ideas are the assets, and they're highly cash-generating."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"I'm just not a very happy person during the season. I'm not a very satisfied person."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"He's not going to shut me down. We're playing a small man's game."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"At that time people didn't run a lot. Some woman in the neighborhood called the police and said there was a man running and that I must be up to something."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: People Quotes
"We have all seen the truth of the past year, from the tornadoes this past weekend to the hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, that even in the best-case scenario, we have to be prepared to take care of ourselves."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Ozzie is still growing into his position and the responsibility of his position, as well as am I. We'll continue to evolve in a way that is first class. ... We want to win in a first-class manner and be known as a first-class organization. We got a little bit of work to do, but we'll keep at it."
"I've got too many other things to think about and worry about. It's not that I can't allow myself to think about that, I guess it's more I don't want to. I don't want to allow myself to think about that stuff."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"There are several colleges and universities around the country that offer motorsports programs like ours, but to my knowledge, we are the first to offer a motorsports course online,"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"This was not about our desire not to have him as part of our organization for a long, long time,"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Desire Quotes

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