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Jeff Jarvis Quotes

6 Jeff Jarvis quotes:

"Anybody can own a broadcast power now. We're going to have more and more choices. TV will no longer be one-size-fits-all."
Author: Jarvis Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"Our goal is to create a platform to organize the world's news using the best of technology, community and editors."
Author: Jarvis Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"gossip stopped being mere gossip and became an industry."
Author: Jarvis Quotes Category: Gossip Quotes
"We love working with him,"
Author: Jarvis Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"The business strategy is if we can get a critical mass of very local content and a local audience, then we can target ads better than we ever could down to a town level."
Author: Jarvis Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"That's why, when most people are slowing down, at a certain age, he's coming on strong."

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