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5 James Solomon quotes:

"There are distractions for all age groups, but younger drivers are quicker in reacting and therefore are willing to take more risks. Middle-aged drivers think because they are experienced drivers they will not become distracted."
"The whole thing in the emergency services is that if you don't get to the fire or arrive at the hospital in one piece you're not going to do anyone any good."
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"There are a huge number of distractions while in the vehicle, which could be eating, conversation, any kind of communication device, disciplining children and even reading, but there are a number of outside distractions too such as watching road construction and cows in the field."
"When you're running hot, there's an adrenaline rush to this. I've gotta get there. I've gotta get there. You can get in trouble from that rush."
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"We made mistakes. We knew we couldn't make any mistakes and if we made one mistake the Sallies would end up winning, and that's what happened."
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