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Linda Miller Quotes

10 Linda Miller quotes:

"This man's life is on the line, and we need the time."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"Seventy-five dollars for the yearbook, $5 for the planner, $35 for the PTA, a $100 donation to football, $28 for P.E. clothes, $30 for pictures, $55 for an ASB sticker ---- what's that come to?"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Companies are willing to pay a lot for novel products that have the potential for a strong franchise."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"This isn't over. It's a very interesting beginning and 24 hours of activity."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"Pfizer is not the sort of company to roll up their tent and go away. They're trying to break up this deal."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"My husband has been living on a ranch in a small town in Central Texas for the last seven years, and I'm ready to go live in the same city as my husband."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"We have time for them to excel. Students here don't worry about peer pressure. Parents don't have to worry about what kind of stuff (the pupils) are going to hear or see. The moral character here is high."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There is so much more to the circumstances of the case that aren't mentioned in the affidavit."
"Well, the PTA and the football don't count ---- they're charity."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"It is against the law for anyone under the age of 21 to drink, so if we had 2 percent, it's too much."

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