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14 James Gunn quotes:

"What you call "the Golden Age tradition" of stringing stories together into novels was not so much a tradition as a consequence of the fact that almost no genre SF novels were published between 1926 and 1946."
Author: Gunn Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes
"The zombie is in a lot of ways the perfect horror movie bad guy. It plays on so many fears all at once. The fear of predators, the fear of disease and the fear of loved ones betraying us -- the ones we care about are turning around and trying to eat us."
Author: Gunn Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"The compassion is instigated by the situation, and Godwin, a bit ham-handedly, belabors the situation so that there can be no doubt in the reader's mind, makes Marilyn sweet, young, and innocent (rather than a cold-blooded murderer or serial killer) so that reader will want to save her - and then the realization of "the cold equations" will be more effective."
Author: Gunn Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"It also is true that some ideas naturally work themselves out over a longer period of time than a single human life can encompass."
"That certainly is one approach to take. My own is to acknowledge the inner child and try to work with my first fascination with science fiction. I have tried to build on its idea content and narrative drive rather than to discard them."
"One should be willing to throw away a dozen ideas to come up with a good one, just as one should throw away a dozen words to come up with the right one."
"I don't know if there is any one secret to successful writing, but one important step is to move beyond imitation and discover what you can write that no one else can - that is, find out who you are and write that in an appropriate narrative and style."
"I hope I'm still alive to see an expedition set off for Mars."
"In hard-core science fiction in which characters are responding to a change in environment, caused by nature or the universe or technology, what readers want to see is how people cope, and so the character are present to cope, or fail to cope."
"Sean says he always had a feeling he should remain friends with Jenna and he never knew why. He believes it's because he knew we were meant to be together."
"I can't think of any other genre that would have allowed me to have that much tonal and emotional freedom."
Author: Gunn Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"Return of the Living Dead."
Author: Gunn Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Scientists do their best work when they are in their early years. Writers' skills don't necessarily decay; if they can keep their interests and hopes alive (like Jack Williamson), their experience allows them greater depths to explore."
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"He put up with a lot of pain. ... I don't think many people would put up with what he had to put up with."
Author: Gunn Quotes Category: Pain Quotes

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