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Joseph Barbera Quotes

35 Joseph Barbera quotes:

"What the real world of 1941 needed most was the release and relief provided by laughter."
"Among the great glories of the MGM lot were the vast outdoor sets that had been constructed over the years."
"Bill Hanna and I owe an awful lot to television, but we both got our start and built the first phase of our partnership in the movies."
"Despite the rejection, and in violation of all the rules, I came back year after year."
"Except for me, no one in my family could draw."
"Friends don't necessarily made good business or creative partners."
"I don't know anyone who enjoys going to the hospital. To help remedy this, I got an idea to create what a Laugh Room in the pediatric ward of hospitals."
"I don't know that I spent any more time alone than any other kid, but being by myself never bothered me."
"I learned long ago to accept the fact that not everything I create will see the light of day."
"I never got tired of Tom and Jerry, but I did have a dream of doing more with my life than making cartoons."
"I was 82 years old before Who's Who thought I was enough of a big shot to do a piece on me."
"I was convinced there as only one actor to play Templeton the Rat, and that was Tony Randall."
"In those days, boxing was very glamorous and romantic. You listened to fights on the radio, and a good announcer made it seem like a contest between gladiators."
"My last days at MGM were like the fall of the Roman Empire in fast motion."
"My marriage had been impulsive. That marriage should have been short-lived instead of the 23 years it spanned."
"One of the most attractive things about writing your autobiography is that you're not dead."
"Parents look at me like I'm somebody pretty important, and say, We were raised on your characters, and now we're enjoying them all over again with our children."
"Ted Turner sailed into the meeting, and I mean sailed. He holds himself as if he were at the helm of his sailboat, in the process of winning the race."
"What about Mickey Mouse? Disney tried very hard to make him a star. But Mickey Mouse is more of a symbol than a real character."
"After I had done a handful of cartoons I was satisfied with, I started submitting them to the magazines."

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