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"Playing our fourth game in five nights, I'm glad they had a little energy left. They're continuing to compete, which means they care."
Author: Marks Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"These projects have demonstrated they are practical and exciting and will add to the proportion of the UK's energy that comes from renewable sources."
Author: Wicks Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"They put a lot into this game. The energy they were able to put into this was incredible."
Author: Nesci Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The energy that was in it more sincerely captured a concert than most things I'd seen, and I thought, wow, imagine multiplying this."
Author: Yauch Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"But I have a lot of energy, I have a lot of want-to, I have a lot of passion. And I know at the end of this process, there's a promise. We're going to go step by step and get it done."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings. That's what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings."
Author: Lima Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Justin has grown by leaps and bounds. Playing with his type of energy is an NBA skill. I've had players like that before (in Seattle) ? Reggie Evans, Ruben Patterson. In those guys' careers, they've always been underestimated as far as what they bring to the table."
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Tierney is a proven leader who brings experience, vision and energy that will help our growing team of seasoned sales consultants provide innovative solutions and impeccable execution for our 3,000 public relations and corporate communications clients. I know Tierney will ignite the team's efforts to help our clients leverage evolving broadcast, broadband and narrative marketing solutions to more effectively reach multiple target audiences."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"This fuel cell power plant will help reduce energy costs for the clinic, which, like other businesses, has seen a stiff increase in heating and power costs in the past five years. We really have to tackle cost containment from every possible angle, whether it is medical liability insurance or energy efficiency."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"A year ago, the Energy Department forecast that gasoline would be selling for $1.80 a gallon, not the $3.12 a gallon that it was in Colorado yesterday, ... These continuing high prices will create economic havoc in Colorado's economy and across the country."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"if the financial markets were reeling and the images from the Gulf were getting worse instead of better, if energy prices were rising instead of falling. But given the economic data and financial markets, there's no reason to make a symbolic move."
Author: Zandi Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"He brings energy on every shift. That's the one thing you know you're always going to get from Colby -- energy. He never seems to take a shift off."
Author: Talbot Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Every point counts right now. I know David regrets what happened. We have to channel our emotional energy into emotional strength. That's got to be one our goals as we head down the stretch."
Author: Carlisle Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"With this initiative, California has taken a major step toward energy independence. This long-term, visionary policy will save ratepayers money, create high-paying jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. The CPUC should be congratulated in creating a decade-long initiative that will drive the US solar industry to invest in technological innovation and scale up manufacturing. California will be a leader in the next great high-tech growth industry - solar energy."
Author: Resch Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"There's just an energy level that gets kicked up a notch when Pedro pitches."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"I think it was good. I felt his energy. It was positive energy. We need Jason's help, like we need everybody else's help. I'm just glad for him to be back, and now we can move forward. It's behind us."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Consumers are reeling from the high energy bills and that has to be watched very carefully. Another month of falling consumer confidence would be disturbing."
Author: Zandi Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Gasoline will continue to lead other energy contracts until Gulf-area refineries return and European imports start to arrive."
Author: Steeves Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Dependency on Russia should be reduced. The diversification of energy supplies is a common project for the whole of Europe."
Author: Bartenstein Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"One of the things, physically, I wasn't pushed at 100 percent in Los Angeles. So I had some energy left for this race."
Author: Grigoryeva Quotes Category: Energy Quotes

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