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"It seems that they're really keen on MotoGP there and we were given an enthusiastic welcome. The people are so kind and it was no different this time, they looked after us really well! We go to so many different cities but usually only have time to see hotels, airports and race tracks, so it was great to have the chance to experience a bit of local culture for once and do some sightseeing. From what I've seen so far, Bangkok is a really lively and interesting city; I hope I get to visit again sometime soon!"
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"It was loud and obnoxious. They have very good fans and they are very enthusiastic. It will make it that much more exciting."
"It was lovely when you found students who responded to things you were enthusiastic about."
Author: Maxwell Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"It's a healthy start. The first trading prices show the market's quite enthusiastic, but not overheated."
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"It's hilarious to watch tapes of ourselves from back then, ... We were very green -- but very enthusiastic."
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"She's 100 percent. Everything she does, she gives it her all. She's very enthusiastic and a great person. My 6-year-old just loves her."
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"She's really enthusiastic about helping me."
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"She's young and enthusiastic. I don't think she meant anything nasty."
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"Stanley's a handy guy to have around and he's very enthusiastic in every position he plays. It's nice to see someone who plays with a smile on his face because it's infectious. I think he's 32 but he's improving all the time. He complements all the other attributes in the team."
"The governor is never particularly enthusiastic about raising any tax."
Author: Gibbs Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"Those guys are just so enthusiastic it's hard not to get fired up."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"U.S. industry has never been more enthusiastic about investing in India."
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"We have a lot of inexperienced players who have really never played the game. They were very enthusiastic about having a junior varsity team."
Author: Delaney Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"Enthusiasm is the divine particle in our composition: with it we are great, generous, and true; without it, we are little, false, and mean."
Author: Landon Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes American History Quotes
"He has provided motivated, enthusiastic and committed leadership, ... Today, our Chamber is more focused, better organized and the Board more engaged than five years ago through his leadership."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success."
"I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind."

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