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"They (computers) run our electric power grid, out telecommunications network, they run our railroads, our banking system, and all of them are vulnerable, at some level, to some degree to information warfare, or cyber-terrorism,"
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"Everything now is all pushed together. Kids are using the same computers as adults."
Author: Matlow Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"In the future, ... people will live twice as long, computers will die twice as fast."
Author: Futurama Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"At first, he was thought of as extreme, but later, with the advent of computers, he was able to run large databases and establish a very large empirical record. I can't think of anyone who's had more impact on public finance in the second half of the 20th century."
Author: Lindsey Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"It is essential that computers are protected from unauthorized access by remote hackers. All computer users need to patch against these flaws in Microsoft's software as quickly as possible, before hackers and virus writers try and take advantage of them."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"The next step for us will be to conduct forensic lab analysis of his computers. To see what images are on the computers, how many and how they got there."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"If we go down and have no phones, no computers and no cell phones, we are still going to be able to communicate,"
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers."
"Computers are great, and they help us out a lot, but I think they can get us into a lot of trouble. I don't want people to get drunk and go online, for starters. I think it's dangerous. Everyone uses phony names, and you just don't know who you are talking to half the time."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"As he got older, he just became intimidated by these computers. It was kind of devastating for him."
Author: English Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"We have computers to help us with the returns, but no way would we ever have a computer answer the phone. It's rude and it aggravates people."
Author: Densmore Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"Most companies have a policy that says if you use our computers you consent to our monitoring."
Author: Rasch Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"He's a computer geek, ... I think he knew more about MacIntosh computers than the state's witness did. I'm not sure how much the jury caught, but he seemed to be pretty pleased."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"When I tried to figure out how computers worked, I was disgusted. I thought it was totally brute force. I felt there had to be a more elegant way to do this."
Author: Boahen Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"There's too many alternative ways to buy computers."
Author: Berry Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"It will really speed up our computer system. It's dramatic, what it will do for us. School computers will be able to talk together."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"We have three good size rooms here. We have the band room. We also have the Internet room with computers and Internet access. And we have a plasma TV lounge."
Author: Machnic Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"The next big wave for computers, at least as far as we can tell, is going to be these modular designs, so it's a race to see which major brand does it first,"
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"Up to now, I've been able to avoid Windows NT because the computers that control the power system are for the most part VAXes. But as more things we use, such as time sheets and discrepancy reports, migrate to the NT network, I'll need to do NT. I don't know what will happen; all I can do is try."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"If I had to sum up in a word what makes a good manager, I'd say decisiveness. You can use the fanciest computers to gather the numbers, but in the end you have to set a timetable and act."
Author: Iacocca Quotes Category: Computers Quotes

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