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"That is part of the ongoing discussion and the agreement to disagree."
Author: Bersin Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Given the current economic context that we're in, this is not the richest-ever agreement that we have bargained, but it's a responsible bargaining, recognizing all of the issues that we face,"
Author: Hargrove Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"To state that their proposal demonstrates a lack of commitment to reach an agreement would be a gross understatement."
Author: Moak Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"I can assure the people of Australia that the legislation finally presented to the parliament will reflect the agreement that was reached by me with all the state premiers and chief ministers. No more, no less."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"A majority of our members have voted to reject the tentative agreement,"
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We accept their decision and will resume the struggle for an agreement that better addresses their concerns."
"Out administration is fully committed to the India-US civilian nuclear energy agreement,"
Author: Burns Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"A player that's licensed under the interim agreement will not be able to do managed copy."
Author: Doherty Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Our goal is certainly not to hurt anyone else, and we hope to come to an agreement that will be a win for both parties. There might have been some minor name changes in the past, but I'm not aware of anyone who has had to close their doors because of it."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"This does not change in any way our commitment to reaching a consensual agreement with Delphi. We are working with Delphi and the unions to reach an agreement."
"A free trade agreement will complement both the economies. While their strength is the vibrant venture capital and marketing skills, the Indian IT industry is known globally for its vast and skilled manpower base."
Author: Karnik Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"No agreement has been signed but we have been involved in discussions with the Hungarian FA with a view to playing them in one of our World Cup preparation games on May 30 and we will confirm that once we are in a position to do so."
"They don't have many issues left, but they cannot predict an agreement will be made by (Friday) morning."
Author: Albright Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We want to get a collective bargaining agreement done with Gene (Upshaw) and I don't see why we're having such a holdup at this time. He has his reasons and we have our reasons, but it's not a healthy situation to have."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Marv and I entered into an agreement initially that made him the general manager of the Bills. He was hired to be GM and would never coach the team. We are excited to have Marv as our general manager as we move forward in hiring a new head coach."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"That will be the subject of our talks today, and I think that we will have an agreement within a foreseeable time."
"I believe that we can assure that everybody will take part in this agreement and cooperate with the OSCE mission. The people of Kosovo are interested in an international presence that will protect them."
Author: Rugova Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"When we announced we had signed the agreement with the Orange Bowl to extend the contract for eight to 12 years, we said Dolphins Stadium was going to be the premier site for major sporting events in the U.S.. We're doing everything we can to basically make it a brand-new stadium."
Author: Bailey Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We believe an agreement can be reached. A strike by the pilots would be fatal to Delta."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We will come out of there with an agreement, we shouldn't let this chance to fail once again, and from the other side what we expect from the international community is to also understand the problems that you are dealing with and the problems which we are faced with,"
Author: Abdullah Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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