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"That (Saint Mary's) was a tough game for us, on the road and a hostile environment. I think I really grew from that game. I kept my composure and we executed down the stretch."
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"The tech market was a speculators' market back then. It was a difficult environment to invest in. Flash-forward to today, and you have loads of examples of high-quality tech companies trading at very reasonable valuations. ... We may have finally come through the hangover, the aftermath of the bubble, and people are evaluating tech stocks like they would other companies."
Author: Morrow Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Setting them on fire isn't a way of creating a new environment for a hopeful future."
Author: Gold Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"For me to just go back in that environment where it's being encouraged was great, ... Just to keep working on your game, keep stretching your game and keep learning."
Author: Foyle Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Much will depend on how we remove the attitudinal barriers from both sides while building an environment that nurtures trust and confidence,"
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"You cannot offer your valued customers any better Thank You, or have a better environment for a low-key sales promotion."
"At this point, what the secretary is talking to them about is the environment."
"I want the parents to know that it is a safe environment."
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"At this juncture, there is less risk that excess liquidity will translate into inflationary pressure given the environment of subdued demand,"
"Everybody seems more excited. Things are a lot looser, a little more fun. It feels like a good environment to win some games."
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"It is a story of how organisms are challenged in a new environment. They have to make themselves over so they can survive."
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"This a completely unregulated environment."
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"We are in an environment which clearly seems to benefit from a 'feel good' phenomenon."
"We honestly asked ourselves, 'Will people live in this environment?' ... We've got critters, we've got heat, we've got humidity."
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"It's not easy in that kind of environment. If they can do it there, they can do it anywhere."
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"I grew up in San Diego in a non-athletic environment. My parents were not interested in sports. Their loves were art, literature and music. I gravitated towards sports because of my older brother Bruce and the first coach I ever had, who, like John Wooden, made it fun and really emphasized the joy of playing the team game."
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"Resource-constrained environment" [are] fancy Pentagon words that mean there isn't enough money to go around."
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"The automotive environment is indeed a unique environment. What is commonplace in automotive, no consumer product can survive, so all our semiconductors must work over a broad range of temperature—typically from –40 to +125°C—and typically the devices are lower power and have stringent ESD/EMI requirements. If they get a failure in a car, it is nearly a catastrophe. Everything has to work in automotive. That puts a lot of constraints on an electrical system. They are not sloppy constraints either, because as you connect all the electronic components together, you get a lot of tolerance-stack issues that don't allow you to be very sloppy."
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"We are very pleased that CSFB has returned to profitability in the first quarter...in this challenging market environment."
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"While the current environment remains challenging, we're making important investments in product development, marketing and in our sales force that will position us for success in the current year and beyond."

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