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"If you think this is a tough environment, the fire hose is going to be on full stream in the third quarter."
"The cable-franchising processes may have made sense 20 years ago in a monopoly environment, but applying those processes to new entrants is merely protecting consumers from lower prices."
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"They're very flexible. They don't solidify. They're stable, nonflammable, non-toxic and they pose no threat to the environment,"
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"Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will - his personal responsibility in the realm of faith and morals"
"It's more than fairly priced given the lack of visibility and a more constrained hospital (spending) environment."
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"The days of eating salad may be over, but 5 [percent return] is ample sustenance in a low inflationary environment."
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"Kids like that are just a testament to putting their time in the right environment. I always tell them, if you buy into the system it'll pay off."
"That's a good environment to hit in."
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"It's really encouraging that in a pretty difficult retail environment and a challenging toy environment, they were able to pull this off. This bodes well for the company for 2001 and beyond."
"It was his first start in a hostile environment, and he did pretty darned good."
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"Our goal is to convert the traditional retail online photo site into a cross media environment for the ordering of photos and music. We will take the traditional photo site, which has the capabilities to process photos and other related photo merchandise, and combine it with the ability to order music and other content, such as videos and games, for on-demand production on a CD or DVD within an hour - all new revenue streams for the retailer."
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"It's going to be a pretty intense environment down there. I'm sure they are going to have a much bigger following than we're used to, they probably get a lot more fans and it's going to be a night game. So the atmosphere will probably be good and we just have to make sure that were not overwhelmed by that."
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"We're familiar with the two teams, and it's a comfortable environment to have the two teams that we know really well. Neither one is going to fold under pressure and we are going to have to step up and take our best shot."
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"To protect our environment, our food supply and our health, I have been an opponent of the Clean Air Mercury Rule since it was first published,"
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"In a challenging retail environment, I am pleased to report our first year with net earnings in excess of $6 billion and our first-ever quarter with earnings over $2 billion,"
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"It's definitely going to impact the environment economically. This is a serious undertaking."
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"It's all about creating an environment conducive to what you want to do. We shouldn't rely on will-power to help us reach our goal."
"That's what this is all about. That means that people are comfortable enough in this environment to come up and perform with us."
"We're in an environment where share prices are trading ahead of valuations."
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"It's for the safety of our fans, so that they can have a comfortable environment at a time when the holiday season can get very festive."

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