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686 Environment quotes:

"Through our Executive Forum, we're able to create an environment where our customers can gather and openly discuss with their peers ideas that will help shape the scope of treasury functions in the future. For us, working closely with those who are redefining the relationship between banks and corporate clients strengthens our ability to meet their needs and those of their customers."
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"Our goal for the second half of the year remains double-digit earnings growth,. However, given the current economic environment this will be difficult to achieve, ... We expect earnings growth in the second half will show improvement over the first half of this year as we leverage our sales and market share gains, but the growth may not meet our original goals."
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"I'm expecting the holidays to be a stimulating environment for (sales) growth, ... But the deeper discounts could also mean that profit margins will be off for some retailers."
"Today's competitive grocery retail environment has driven retailers to utilize technology as a key customer service advantage for their shoppers. Giant understands that their customers lead busy lives and they want to make it easier and more convenient to shop in their stores."
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"What's important is not meetings for their own sake but results ... that will have a consequence on the security environment."
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"British Columbians are showing that it is possible to protect the environment and provide the economic foundation for healthy communities."
"All in all, the environment in 2006 should be broadly similar to that in 2005, enabling us to produce good results in the year ahead."
"They're very flexible. They don't solidify. They're stable, nonflammable, non-toxic and they pose no threat to the environment."
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"The external environment continues to be very difficult, ... We have continued to reduce our capacity to match demand from our customers, improved our operations and began to realign staff resources to better our financial results."
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"Intel has signaled that things are on track and that has calmed a lot of fears. In this tough environment, that's enough for the tech market to take a cue from and rally."
"We encourage people to come. We believe people loyal to racing will understand the environment here is evolving."
Author: Mills Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"They need to know about the watershed. What better way to understand it than to be immersed into that environment? Kids who live along the creek show an interest and that trickles into their family."
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"You simply cannot be in that shooting environment and not get blood on you. Several labs did extremely thorough examinations of Sarah Johnson's clothes and the reports indicated absolutely no blood."
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"It's a really nice atmosphere, ... It's a good family environment."
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"We're all young and in this type of league and environment in Toronto, we definitely look a little younger."
"Most manufacturers have no idea how bad the environment is out there."
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"Although our evidence remains mostly anecdotal, we continue to see a macroeconomic environment that, if anything, is worse than even our cautious estimates have been suggesting,"
"We're going to have to take the full brunt of the negative impact in the marketplace, ... In a market environment you cannot have an imbalance between supply and demand, so price is your rationer. ... The price has to go up enough to destroy enough demand to bring things back in balance."
"In an environment where growth is going to be slower, where pricing power is not easier to find, that brings you back, I think, to tech and telecom that have been the leaders of the market. Tech is up these days; telecom is down. There's probably a better area to buy in. And I think that energy is a good area as well."
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"As the data show, the gap between domestic supply and demand is clearly narrowing, which should create the environment for prices to rise stably."

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