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Events Quotes

567 Events quotes:

"Clearly, it's one of our most important events of the year."
Author: Weiberg Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"This is our first outdoor meet, and we expect to have several kids in different events. Nothing is in cement yet."
Author: Olson Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The events of the past week have only underscored that we need Supreme Court justices who value the role of the courts in protecting individuals' rights and freedoms, who understand the nature of discrimination and its continuing impact on our country, and who will uphold the role of the federal government in preserving those rights and acting to protect the common good."
Author: Neas Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Crimes are not to be measured by the issue of events, but by the bad intentions of men"
Author: Cicero Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I'll go and I'll host or do whatever (Haskell) wants me to do. Events like these are real special because you're lucky if you can get three or four celebrities to attend an event in Los Angeles."
Author: Bass Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"National Parks Service rangers conduct tours of the site and detail the history of the event. Special events take place throughout the year when portions of the trials are re-enacted."
Author: Hendron Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I respect Clinton a heck of a lot more because he's been able to keep his mind on the events going on in the world and not just the problems at home."
Author: King Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It's not a pretty sight up on Capitol Hill these days. It's unusual to get so many major events packed in a single week. Of course, that wasn't the plan."
Author: Mann Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I have about six or seven guys who have the capability to score out in the distance events."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I know the big events, like if a camp burned down from a fire. But in terms of the minutiae from day to day... not much. If somebody's just whining, I won't know about it, because everybody whines. But if there's a legitimate concern that a person may quit tonight at tribal council, then yes, I need to know that. Tribal council lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half."
Author: Probst Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"There are interpretive panels that detail the events surrounding the Scott case, how it came to trial, how the trial was conducted and the aftermath."
Author: Hendron Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It was a really strange series of events. His foot hit the sled, and it felt like it just came to a complete, dead stop."
Author: Jovanovic Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"You are never going to stop weather events like this from happening. From a public policy perspective, really what I care about is that utility companies have a plan in place to deal with it."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I'm confident that folks come here. It's not a huge number, but if we had more events we know it would increase."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Our field events, particularly the throwers, were good again. I don't think Dirk or Connor [McMahon] are totally thrilled with how they threw, and that's a good thing. We expect good things out of our throwers."
Author: Dunlap Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We still need to strengthen ourselves in the sprints. We're pushing hard in those events this week in practice."
Author: Fitzgerald Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It's the best field we've ever had in any of our 10 previous events."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We have a comprehensive calendar of events unlike any other in the city."
"The events written about are very regrettable. Any problems reported have been exaggerated but nonetheless, my wife and I have resolved all issues. The incidents reported will remain private and personal. At this time, I am choosing to handle this matter and all future matters directly and confidentially with the Dodgers. While I continue to work on my off the field issues, my energy is also directed towards preparing for season-ending knee surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The events written about are very regrettable. Any problems reported have been exaggerated but nonetheless my wife and I have resolved all issues."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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