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"My overall feeling is we are not through yet. It is tough to go through the two major speed events (downhill and super-G) with the kind of speed program we have and the kind of guys we have and come up short."
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"We're going to have our five biggest events spread out each month. I think that's terrific. It puts more emphasis on the quality of this event."
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"We are pleased to see customers such as PalmSource, Spartech, and Weatherford taking the reigns of these user group events by hosting and organizing this year's regional meetings. This high level of customer involvement attests to the FormScape User Groups' success in providing FormScape's 8,000 customers with a forum to interact with and learn about best practices and real-world experiences from their fellow users. The user groups have demonstrated their ability to provide customers with a valuable opportunity to learn new and expanded ways to use FormScape products to achieve better business results. Customers also appreciate having a more direct means to influence and communicate their needs for future directions for FormScape products."
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"There are all kinds of events out there - and we just don't have enough places to put them in California, a state with 35 million people,"
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"The violent events that happened in our territory, and the people responsible [for the violence] will be arrested and punished."
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"Not being able to govern events, I govern myself."
"As horrible as today's events are, when you see a market move quickly because of a socio-political [and not an economic] event, it frequently spells an opportunity from an investment perspective."
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"Obviously, were all disappointed at the events of the last couple of days. I for one am particularly disappointed."
"The approach of playing out the events of Our Town on an open stage engages the audience directly and essentially makes it a character in the play. The play uses flashbacks and an awareness of the fluid nature of time as it explores the significance of fully living the present moment."
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"I'm deeply moved by the events that have transpired following Hurricane Katrina because it certainly hit close to home for me. Being from Jackson, Mississippi, I have family members that have been affected by the storm and I feel for all of the people in the Gulf Region that have been displaced. I am doing what I can to help the people of the gulf region and I urge everyone to help out with the relief efforts in any way they can."
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"We just became acquainted and met and talked at subsequent events. We had dinner, one thing led to another and we've been together since."
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"They're mostly there to tell jokes. In our group we get involved in current events and have programs."
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"Typically events like this would take four months, maybe six months,"
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"Preparations for all three of our events begin more than a year in advance,"
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"At this point in the quarter, it is clear that the economic impact from events of the past two months is having an adverse effect on Adobe's business,"
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"They've been working on that contract for a year. With the events of last month, the government was wondering if they've been doing enough and quickly enough,"
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"We have hard workers and good attitudes. We have depth in all the events."
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"I've never seen the president burdened by the presidency. He's built to deal with really big events. It's in his DNA."
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"We're going to cover just about everything. When we get rolling, we're going to cover events about as well as we've ever covered them. We may be down in some, but we're going to be stronger in others. We've been blessed with a long history of young ladies willing to work hard and that has led to a fair amount of team success over the years. I don't see any reason why this group can't continue that tradition."
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"The reason why we do these events is that nowadays it's tough for kids to have the opportunity to go fishing."
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