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"This is why this team is good. We do protect each other. A good example was the Ohio State game. You had one guy fronting (Terence) Dials and another guy coming weak-side on him and we made a couple of big plays that way. You had someone there to help you out."
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"My father told me if you're a leader the first thing you want to do is lead by example, ... That's what I'm going to try to do with these guys because if they see me playing hard every day, flying around, flying to the ball on every play, they're going to do the same. It's just going to be contagious. If I'm being lazy, that's going to be contagious also so I just have to lead by example."
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"His example of creating one of the most brilliant and successful science fiction masterpieces in recent Hollywood history is a perfect inspirational case study to capture the imaginations of the game creation leaders who attend GDC."
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"There have been games where we have given away leads, UCLA for example. We know we will make plays at the end of games. We are a senior-laden team and we know how to win games."
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"There have been games where we have given away leads, UCLA for example."
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"[Small] is a perfect example of a guy maximizing his talent, considering he doesn't really have an out pitch. Kids could learn from him."
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"I hope the example of Saddam Hussein will give a lesson to leaders of other countries where human rights are not respected."
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"A professional designer can help you be hospitable with wildlife. For example, attracting butterflies or humming birds, or detracting species like deer."
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"Hopefully it will be used as an example of programs that we are trying to negotiate with the federal government."
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"There are several applications for our products beyond FTTH. For example, one device under development is intended to double the number of users that can share Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON). With today's preferred Telco video delivery system, RF overlay, our solution enables a 64-way split to accommodate users connected to an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) port at the serving central office, whereas today only 32 users can share such a port. Our future plan also includes products to alleviate the cable TV return path bottleneck, and RF power amplifiers for emerging wireless applications where signal clarity and power efficiency are critical in reducing capital and operating costs."
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"I think this is a good example of the township taking a proactive stance rather than reaction, ... I think this is an excellent example of what we should be doing to take the township into the future."
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"If we can understand why the world sees about 85 named storms a year and not, for example, 200 or 25, then we might be able to say that what we're seeing is consistent with what we'd expect in a global warming scenario. Without this understanding, a forecast of the number and intensity of tropical storms in a future warmer world would be merely statistical extrapolation."
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"Tanner is a coach's dream. He works hard, is always striving to improve, and leads by example. Tanner is a rock-steady performer. You know exactly what you're going to get every time he steps on the mat. He will give his very best effort from start to finish."
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"It's tough for [Mormons] to think maybe their leader has done something wrong and withdraw support. During Watergate, for example, the LDS tended to be very supportive of Nixon up until the end."
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"Our last two games he's just held everybody together. He's led by example. The guys trust him. That's big if they trust you."
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"It's all about knowing the terrain and knowing the woods, ... For example, I don't like to hunt on top of the ridges, as that's not where the big bucks are likely to be. They're going to be off down the side of the mountain, in the thick stuff, 50 to 75 yards on one side of the ridge or the other."
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"He was kind of our unspoken leader on offense. He led by example as much as anything. All the kids looked up to him and admired his work ethic. When we needed a big play he'd spark it for us."
"This work is an excellent example of how K-State scientists work across disciplines to build effective teams, ... Had it not been for these faculty members reaching out to each other to share their individual observations relative to research and teaching, this exciting discovery might well have gone unnoticed."
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"He stepped in and really wrestled well. I think that's a perfect example of our depth this season. We've had our share of injuries this season, but guys have stepped up and performed whenever they were asked."
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"For example, a taxpayer in the 25 percent marginal tax bracket would save $250 in taxes by making a $1,000 contribution. However, as Dan explained, although the federal government will lose $250 in tax revenue there is $1,000 going to benefit hurricane victims that the government doesn't have to spend. Put differently - the taxpayer, the federal government and the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita all win."
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